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Whenever I have to introduce myself, I find it difficult to find the words. But, my author bio might say it all:

Marie Rebelle is the author of the blog Rebel’s Notes and creator of Wicked Wednesday, a weekly meme to link online users’ sexy posts. She is coordinator of a Dutch writing group, where she focuses on bringing together erotic creatives in workshop sessions to improve their skills. Ever since 2012 Rebel’s Notes was highlighted on several annual lists as one of the top sex blogs on the internet. Besides being a writer, 

Some years ago Marie self-published two books both under different pen names, one of those books was erotic fiction, the genre where Marie’s real talents blossom. Her writing was dormant for some years, but at the end of 2010 she was back from her break, ready to conquer the world and she has not stopped writing since. In 2016 her first novel, Flight LU-365, was published.

Marie’s blog is a collection of words and images and has explicit auto-biographical content. She writes about her D/s based relationship with her husband, about sexual interactions with others and her erotic fantasies which are often illustrated with her personal photos.

When Marie is not writing or maintaining her blogs, she works as a professional in her field of expertise, is a wife, mother and daughter. She is in her late forties and identifies as being a strong-willed woman who is submissive to her husband.

I started my Project 365 as a challenge I have set myself on my 101 things in 1001 days. I was determined to get it done in 2014 and I did! I loved it so much, that I continued in 2015, completed it again and then starred another in 2016. I also started a 5 year diary in 2016 and wonder how long I will be able to keep that up. Other than these projects you can also find some of my favorite recipes on this site.

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~ Marie Rebelle

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