Question 4-2017: Memory

Tile with text: What is your best memory of last year?

Tile with text: What is your best memory of last year?

So many things happened last year, some of them happy, some of them surprising, others sexy and therefore also happy and some not-so-good things. Highlights were:

  • My first book was published;
  • We visited Eroticon in Bristol;
  • We had some lovely dates;
  • My father contacted me for the first time in 8 years;
  • We had a lovely weekend away with friends.

Some of the stories of the above are on my main blog.

Not-so-good things were that I started off the year gaining back strength after I had whooping cough and it took the better part of three months. Then in the second half of the year my husband ran into health problems which are still ongoing, but will soon be under control.

The question was what my best memory of 2016 is. It’s so difficult to choose a best, but I think the absolute best as that for the first time since I had a burnout in 2012, I can say that I am mentally fully recovered from it. That’s a great feeling!

This was my answer in 2016.

~ Marie Rebelle

2 thoughts on “Question 4-2017: Memory

  1. My best memories of 2016

    I started my blog for the year
    I realised that Earnest was important
    I liked the person I was, a good egg, a loyal friend, a happy spouse and supportive mother
    My siblings

    Not so good things
    I lost a family member
    One of my best friends suffered a terrible unexpected bereavement
    A youngish mother lost her battle with cancer

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