Question 28-2017: Tomorrow

Tile with text: Tomorrow I will...

Tile with text: Tomorrow I will...

… be out with the girls.

Mom, my two daughters and I are off to Belgium for a day of shopping, despite the news we have gotten yesterday. For a brief moment we doubted whether we could go because mom is so out of breath, but I called the shopping center and they have wheelchairs there, so we are going to push mom in a wheelchair all day. On Monday I am going to rent a wheelchair which will be in her house for as long as it is needed. That way when my kids want to take gran out to go shopping or just for a walk, it will be possible. Mom has already said that she doesn’t want to be inside all the time and we are going to make sure that happens.

So, the four of us are off to go shopping tomorrow and we will enjoy it, despite everything.

This was my answer in 2016.

~ Marie Rebelle

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