Question 4: Best Memory 2015

Tile with text: What is your best memory of last year?


Three things stand out if I think of last year:

  • Our weekend in Bristol, attending Eroticon 2015;
  • Our weekend in nature with a lovely couple;
  • Our 3-night weekend in a hotel, celebrating 10 years of marriage.

Those memories are all very special on their own.

Seeing friends in Bristol, some of which we see every years and others whom we haven’t seen since 2013. Spending time together with those friends, but also meeting new ones. That weekend was so good!

Then there was the weekend with a lovely couple, whom we will definitely spend another weekend with. There was so much promise in that weekend and we have so much more we want to share with each other.

Our celebratory weekend was the best. The hotel was brilliant, the food was excellent and our time together extra special. If I have to choose only one memory, then this one will obviously be it, as spending time together with my husband always is the best!

~ Marie Rebelle

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