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Question 150: Every Day

Writing! Oh and… writing! And did I mention… writing? Yep, definitely writing! And thanks to my husband I can do that every single day of the week! ~ Marie Rebelle

Day 150: The Merry Family

This boisterous family is making a lot of noise: the father sings at the top of his lungs while raising a glass; the mother and grandmother chime in; and the children are either blowing into a wind instrument or smoking… Continue Reading →

Question 149: Most Fun

Hosting my writing group. Normally my writing group runs from 12pm until 3.30pm but today we only stopped at 4.45pm and it was wonderful. The feedback that was given on the different stories, the respect between the writers, the laughter,… Continue Reading →

Day 149: Ancient

Question 148: Music

I don’t know. Seriously, I have listened to quite some music today, but I have absolutely no idea what music it was. I cannot remember ONE song. The radio was on all day and even in the car when we… Continue Reading →

Day 148: Red Reflection

Question 147: Where

Back in Bristol with all our lovely friends – the ones we have reconnected with and the new ones we have made. ~ Marie Rebelle

Day 147: Orange Hopper


Question 146: Dream

I dreamed about my colleagues and that they were less than helpful. I was angry and upset with them and told them all to leave as I could just as well do everything alone. I think this dream has something… Continue Reading →

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