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Day 208: Sleepy Head

Question 207: Laugh Out Loud

Picture this: I am at my work and my husband at home. During the day we frequently send mails to each other, but this morning I received a text message with a photo. A bird has flown into the house… Continue Reading →

Day 207: Red Heart

Question 206: Chores

Just the normal Sunday chores of laundry and cleaning. I used to do it on a Saturday, but nowadays I prefer to rest on the Saturday and do those chores on the Sunday. ~ Marie Rebelle

Day 207: Now In Color

Question 205: Stopping

Lots of things have stopped me in the past, but now I am following my dreams. Nicest thing of all is that I am following those dreams with the full support of my family, despite what some people might think…. Continue Reading →

Day 205: Sailboat

Question 204: Less

Hate. Less Hate. More love. Much more! ~ Marie Rebelle

Day 204: Harbour

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